About UMBLR Alumni

The University of Miami Business Law Review (the “Review” or “UMBLR“) is very motivated to maintain and increase alumni involvement. UMBLR alumni form a worldwide network of professionals who advance the rule of law in society. Alumni can remain involved with the Review by attending and sponsoring events and by submitting essays, articles, or blog posts for publication.

Alumni Editor

The purpose of the UMBLR Executive Board Alumni Editor is increase the interaction and collaboration between alumni and the UMBLR Editorial Board. We’re always eager to celebrate alumni achievements and accomplishments. Please share alumni accomplishments to be posted on our website and social media pages by e-mailing Daniel Halperin, Alumni Editor for Volume 26, at umblr@law.miami.edu.

Contact Us

If you are a former member of the University of Miami Business Law Review and would like to become more involved, please submit the UMBLR Alumni Information Form below. You may also reach out to Daniel Halperin, the Alumni Editor, with any questions or comments you have.

For information on how to submit articles, essays, or blog posts for publication, please visit our Submissions page.

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