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The “#RFcapisback?”: What the Fight over Roger Federer’s Iconic Logo Highlights About Protecting Personal Brands

Julia Schroeder – Swiss tennis star Roger Federer has dominated grass, clay, and hard courts for decades. The winner of twenty Grand Slam titles, he is not only consistently regarded as one of the greatest athletes of all time, but is revered as a style icon, as well. His successful 24-year partnership with the Oregon-based […]

Copyright Infringement Claims and Digital Versions of Tattooed Athletes and Celebrities

Noah Vollmer- In the United States, tattoo artists’ designs are protected under copyright law. This gives artists the exclusive right to make and distribute copies of their designs and allows them to be compensated when someone else wishes to reproduce their designs. However, a problem can arise when a company wishes to use an artist’s […]

Property Law in the Work-From-Home Era

Hayley Goodman- As the global workforce is starting to return to the office, it is no surprise that many companies are shrinking their real estate footprints. A June 2020 Morgan Stanley forecast revealed that vacancy rates would reach 10%-12% in the next two to five years in New York City. Moreover, a KPMG survey found […]