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The NCAA’s Struggle to Adapt: Collegiate Sports as a Multibillion Dollar Business

Zachary Finkelman – In recent years, the world of college sports has undergone a seismic shift. The traditional model of the “student-athlete” is being challenged, as the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) grapples with the ever-evolving landscape of collegiate compensation. The fundamental rule seems simple enough: student-athletes can’t accept money for playing their sports. However, […]

“Sportswashing”: Saudi Arabia’s Attempt to Launder Reputation

Ahmed Qaisi – In an attempt to generate new sources of revenue, the Saudi Arabian government reaches its wealthy hand into the bag of professional sports. Specifically, the Saudis began this seismic push in October 2021. An investment group led by Saudi Arabia’s sovereign-backed fund completed a $500 billion purchase of Premier League football club, […]

Unprecedented Injuries in Sport: The Role of Sports Betting Services

Alanna Sadler – Sports betting continues to transform the business of professional and amateur sports. In 2021, sports betting revenue in the United States exceeded four billion U.S. dollars. Today, fans have several ways to bet on sports: apps, in-person sports books, fantasy leagues, and more. Just as professional sports leagues have to prepare for […]

Online Sports Betting Loses Big In Florida…For Now

Matthew Benedict – Betting on sports is ingrained in human culture with roots dating back to the gladiators of Roman times. Sports and betting have since evolved, offering gamblers the opportunity to bet on Super Bowls and hotdog eating contests alike. Until recently, the majority of sports gambling was conducted via illegal or offshore bookmakers […]