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Birkin Bust: Is Hermès Violating the Sherman Anti-Trust Act?

Emma Shapiro – In the world of luxury fashion, where exclusivity reigns supreme, few brands command as much reverence as Hermès. The French luxury house has long epitomized elegance and sophistication, with its Birkin handbag standing as a beacon of status. According to a 2016 study conducted by BagHunter, the Birkin has had an average […]

Saudi Arabia’s Recent Conquest of Professional Sports: What’s Next in the United States?

David Sosa – In the last few years, Saudi Arabia has proven that they have the ability to influence some of the most popular professional sports in the world. Specifically, Saudi Arabia has utilized its Public Investment Fund (“PIF”), which harbors over $950 billion in assets, to acquire considerable interests in major sports organizations, sign […]

Leveling The Playing Field: The FTC’s Proposed Rule To Ban Non-Compete Agreements Nationwide

Zakary Benjelloun – Historically, businesses have utilized non-compete agreements as a leverage tactic, aiming to maintain control over their workforce and safeguard their competitive edge. However, in recent years, these agreements have been faced with intense scrutiny, particularly by government agencies, questioning their legality and compliance with antitrust laws. Just last year, the Federal Trade […]

Navigating South Florida’s Rapid Development and Legal Landscape: Insights from the University of Miami Business Law Review Fireside Chat

Kaitlyn Jauregui – South Florida’s rapid development and its legal implications took center stage in a recent fireside chat hosted by the University of Miami Business Law Review. The panel, moderated by Professor Thomas F. Nealon III, provided a comprehensive exploration of the opportunities and challenges associated with our local region’s growth. Florida is a […]