Is Big Pharma Regulated Enough?



Brooke Nelson – Within the United States capitalistic economy, large industries have taken root and flourished due in part to competition and minimal regulation. One of those industries, colloquially referred to as “Big Pharma,” is continually referenced in the media for both good and bad reasons. “Big Pharma” is the term used to describe many […]



Ferrarini v. Kiini: Where to Draw (or Crochet) the Line between Inspiration and Copyright Infringement



Amelia Ravelo – In June 2013,  a line of colorful, bright, exposed-yarn bikinis burst onto the racks of high-end department stores and beaches around the country. The suits, sold under New Yorker Ipek Igrit’s self-described “high end resort wear” brand Kiini, cost about $29 dollars each to make, but sold for $285 each at retail. […]



Can Fortnite Shield Itself from Copyright Infringement Claims?



Leanne Roca – In the age of smartphones and an ever-growing social media usage, a video, picture, “meme,” or tweet has the potential to instantly reach hundreds of thousands of users in a matter of minutes and reach immediate, momentary fame, often unexpectedly. Such was the rise of Russel Horning, otherwise known as “Backpack Kid,” […]



Workers’ Compensation Reform Complicating the Black Lung Epidemic



Daniel Boswell – Suppose your state receives immense benefits from the back-breaking work of its citizens in one of its flagship industries. One would think that the state would make the healthcare options for those workers a priority. However, this is not the case in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Kentucky remains at the center of […]



David v. Goliath: A Modern Fight for Justice in the World of Class Actions



Kacie D. Hillsman – The world of class actions is changing. Recent, and pending, rulings by the Supreme Court leave attorneys nationwide grappling with case management. Specifically, it has become increasingly difficult to overcome the tactically inflexible class action rules if mass tort and multi-district litigation are embedded with class action narrative. Regarding complex litigation, the Rules […]



The NCAA Transfer Rule: A Year-Long Suspension



Gray Crow – There has yet to be prescribed an adequate solution to one of the most pressing issues facing young student-athletes: the NCAA transfer rule. One might find it difficult to imagine being a world-class, sought after, high school athlete who is recruited to play your sport at the collegiate level—I certainly can’t. Each […]



Are Facebook Friendships Unethical?



Antonia Iragorri Bernal – Ethics are not taken lightly in the legal community. Judges in particular are held to a high standard of professionalism that comes with playing the role of a judicial representative to the people. The Judicial Ethics Advisory Committee, the body that regulates judiciary conduct, drafts opinions which lay out the practices […]




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