David v. Goliath: What Will Brian Flores’ Path to Title VII Relief Against the National Football League Look Like?



Matthew Shalna – “Humiliation. Disbelief. Anger.” These are the emotions that former National Football League (NFL) head coach, Brian Flores, experienced after learning his interview with the New York Giants was a “sham.” The team interviewed him only to satisfy the “Rooney Rule” (which requires NFL teams to interview at least one black candidate for […]



Sportsmanlike Conduct: Auction House Spares Bidder From Brady’s Retirement False Start



Jack Flagg – On January 23, 2022, Tom Brady threw his last touchdown pass of the 2021-22 season in a playoff loss to the Los Angeles Rams. Brady connected with Mike Evans for a 55-yard score with 3:20 left to play in the fourth quarter. In celebration, Evans launched the ball into the stands, and […]



Florida Bitcoin Case Challenges Big Tech’s Desire to Stay Deregulated



Rayaan Hossain – Decentralized, digital commodities have transformed our understanding of the monetary system. Bitcoin’s allure comes not only from its novelty (and sometimes anarchy) but also from its perceived anonymity. That anonymity extends to Bitcoin’s creator—Satoshi Nakamoto. Although general consensus held that Satoshi Nakamoto was only a pen name, many people have claimed to […]



Microsoft’s Road to the Top in the Gaming World – The Largest Gaming Industry Deal Ever Creates Legal Controversy



Stephen Vinson – Microsoft took another gigantic step in its journey to become one of the largest gaming companies in the world earlier this year after it announced its intention to acquire Activision, the makers of the “Call of Duty,” currently the third highest-selling gaming franchise in history. The purchase price–a whopping $68.7 billion–is the […]



The Latest Rooney Rule Revision: Opening the Door for Minority Candidates to Break into the NFL’s Head Coaching Pipeline



Jenna Reifler – At its annual owners meeting in March 2022, the NFL announced a revision to the Rooney Rule, along with a series of policy enhancements to address the League’s lack of managerial diversity. Effective for the 2022 NFL season, the latest Rooney Rule policy requires all 32 teams to employ a “female or […]



Considering Legal Remedies For Harassment and Assault in the Metaverse



Caroline Valencia – Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google – the big Four or Big Tech – have invested heavily to create the metaverse: a virtual reality world where users’ avatars can socialize, learn, and play in a 3-D space. In December, Meta – formerly known as Facebook – released Horizon Worlds in the United States […]



The Biden Administration’s Antitrust Enforcement Policy Faces a Test in Light of the Frontier-Spirit Airlines Proposed Merger



Austin Booth – The Biden administration has so far taken a stance against corporate consolidation. In January 2022, the Justice Department and the FTC announced that they were seeking public comment on how current merger guidelines can be updated to better detect and prevent illegal and anticompetitive deals in an increasingly consolidated corporate marketplace. Both […]




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