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The Question That Has Businesses Scratching Their Heads: To Mandate COVID-19 Vaccines or to Not Mandate COVID-19 Vaccines

Jaclyn Sanchez – On October 13, 2021, a federal district court in Texas halted United Airlines’ vaccination mandate, temporarily keeping unvaccinated employees who challenged the airline’s policy on payroll while litigation proceeds. Under the Texas-based company’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate that was first announced in August 2021, unvaccinated employees would be placed on unpaid leave if they […]

Biden’s Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate: What are the Potential Effects on American Businesses?

Lauren Gonzalez – The Covid-19 pandemic is officially the deadliest pandemic in American history. As a result, President Joe Biden recently unveiled the country’s first national Covid-19 vaccine mandate. On one hand, Biden’s executive order will likely boost American vaccination rates. On the other hand, the mandate will likely face backlash among businesses.  On September […]

Covid-19 Pandemic – What’s Next for Small Businesses and Corporations?

Natalia Garcia Baerga – Throughout history, monitoring bankruptcies has been an effective way of understanding the current economic status and business cycle. However, it seems this relationship between bankruptcies, macro-economic conditions, and the business cycle has changed during the COVID-19 crisis. Specifically, contrary to the media’s portrayal of small businesses struggling throughout the pandemic bankruptcy […]

Vaccine Passports: Saving Travel or Saved by Travel?

Alfredo Dally – Can you imagine a world where you have to show your boarding ticket, passport, and a COVID-19 vaccine record in order to travel abroad? Well, as the world begins to reopen to the idea of travel, many are working on systems to address the ongoing COVD-19 pandemic. One proposed new measure is […]