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AI in Healthcare: 2024 Trends and Risks in an Almost Lawless Territory

Erika Sophia Grossbard – We all invest in ourselves in different ways, but the one fundamental human good our nation should invest in is healthcare. To achieve this, the healthcare industry must promote safe innovation in new technology and be legally permitted to do so. Despite the many technological advancements of AI into standard processes […]

AI in the Spotlight: Breaking Down President Biden’s Executive Order

Macarena Bazan – In the midst of a notable surge in AI development, President Biden enacted an Executive Order purporting to fortify safety, security, and trust in the development and use of artificial intelligence. Relying upon the Defense Production Act of 1950, President Biden has created a national security-centered approach to AI regulation. While this […]

A Matter of Self-Regulation: the Music Industry’s Short-Term Response to AI’s Legal Obscurity

Vaughn Gendron – In 1999, the music industry’s business model was turned upside down. With the introduction of Napster, copyrighted music was suddenly being shared and downloaded for free by millions of Internet users. This level of piracy led to a massive decline in music sales. However, thanks to copyright law, Napster was forced to […]

Embracing the Inevitable: How AI is Shaping the Future of Law

Talia Svid—Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the way businesses operate, and the legal industry is no exception. The rapid growth of AI has been nothing short of phenomenal, with its computing power increasing exponentially since 2012. This vast growth raises the question of what our future will look like with AI at the forefront. Already, […]