Volume 7, Issue 3

Volume 7, Issue 3 of the University of Miami Business Law Review, published in conjunction with the 1999 Health Law Symposium, is available on the Miami Law Institutional Repository.


Welcome and Introduction
Timothy M. Ravich

Managed Care and Provider Perspective
Fred M. Messing, Ann-Lynn Denker, and Kathy Cerminara

Managed Care Public Policy
Stephen J. deMontmollin

Fraud and Abuse
Mark Langdon, Eric S. Tower, and Eric Roth

The Role of the Florida Board of Medicine and the Bakarania Decision
David J. Winker, Robert R. Pupo, Marshall R. Burack, and Alberto M. Hernandez

Physician Practice Management
Marc H. Auerbach, Jeffrey L. Cohen, and Jay Martus


PPMCs: A Perspective
Jeffrey L. Cohen


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