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Seeking to have Banks Sing to the Same Tune: the Basel Committee Addresses Credit Risk–Weighted Assets

O. Jean Strickland – The objective of this Comment is to provide a critical assessment of the recent debate about the Basel Committee for Banking Standards’ (“BCBS”) reforms to risk–weighted assets (“RWA”) calculations used to measure credit risk and to establish international standards for bank capital requirements. After introducing the interests and objectives of both the […]

The EpiPen Problem: Analyzing Unethical Drug Price Increases and the Need for Greater Government Regulation

Talal Rashid – In recent years, some pharmaceutical companies have started increasing the price of their existing drugs to exorbitant levels. Often, these drugs are medically necessary for patients, who are left to take on the high costs of the medicine. One recent example is Mylan, who raised the price of the EpiPen by four hundred […]

Floating on a Sea of Funny Money: An Analysis of Money Laundering Through Miami Real Estate and the Federal Government’s Attempt to Stop it

Gary McPherson – Miami is experiencing a money laundering controversy the likes of which have not been seen since the “Cocaine Cowboys” era of 1980’s Miami. Condominiums and other mega developments are popping up at an unprecedented pace, immediately after the housing market crash that caused the Great Recession. Adding to this questionable boom in […]

The Value of Cryptocurrencies: How Bitcoin Fares in the Pockets of Federal and State Courts

Brandon Peck – A recent Eleventh Judicial Circuit Court of Florida decision has raised concerns over how both federal and state courts consider the unregulated cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. In State of Florida v. Michell Abner Espinoza, Judge Teresa Pooler held that Bitcoin did not fall under the statutory definitions of “payment instrument” or “monetary instrument” because virtual […]