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Cuba: Déjà Vu or New Beginnings

Ryan Forrest, Hunter W. Phillips, & Magena Rodriguez – That the United States has long had a strained relationship with Cuba is no secret to the international community. Most recently, this strain has been embodied in a commercial, economic and financial embargo that has been enforced by the United States since 1962. That said, focusing only […]

Whatever Happened To Quick Look?

Edward D. Cavanagh – In California Dental Ass’n v. F.T.C. (hereafter “Cal Dental”), the Supreme Court observed that there is no sharp divide separating conduct that can be summarily condemned under section one of the Sherman Act as per se unlawful from conduct that warrants a more searching factual assessment to ascertain any anticompetitive effect and hence its […]

Rethinking Article III Standing in Class Action Consumer Protection Cases Following Spokeo v. Robins

Joshua Scott Olin – The Supreme Court recently handed down the landmark decision of Spokeo, Inc. v. Robins, holding that a “bare procedural violation” of a federal consumer protection statute—namely, the Fair Credit Reporting Act—was not enough to satisfy Article III standing because the injury alleged was particularized but not concrete. AfterSpokeo, those wishing to bring suit […]

Seeking to have Banks Sing to the Same Tune: the Basel Committee Addresses Credit Risk–Weighted Assets

O. Jean Strickland – The objective of this Comment is to provide a critical assessment of the recent debate about the Basel Committee for Banking Standards’ (“BCBS”) reforms to risk–weighted assets (“RWA”) calculations used to measure credit risk and to establish international standards for bank capital requirements. After introducing the interests and objectives of both the […]