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Uber v. Regulation: “Ride-Sharing” Creates a Legal Gray Area

Yanelys Crespo – Technological innovations are quickly re-shaping our world and even changing the way we travel from place to place. Although the concept of “ride-sharing” only just emerged in 2010, it has rapidly gained popularity and expanded across the globe, offering a new way to get around major cities via a mobile application that […]

The U.S. Law Regime of Sovereign Immunity and the Sovereign Wealth Funds

Victorino J. Tejera – This article is concerned with the applicability of sovereign immunity to the so-called sovereign wealth funds (“SWFs”) within the U.S. legal system. While sovereign immunity has existed for at least two centuries, SWFs and the types of investment activities they conduct on behalf of their parent foreign states are a rather […]

Breaking Up is Hard to Do: Developments in Partitioning Real and Personal Property in Marital, Business, and Personal Relationships in Florida Jurisprudence

Harry M. Hipler – This article focuses on partition of real and personal property in Florida in the 21st century. It discusses questions and issues about partitioning real and personal property, so that private lawyers who practice in a variety of areas can familiarize themselves with how partition proceedings work. Partition of real and personal […]