Lead Article: National Airline Policy



Timothy M. Ravich, National Airline Policy, 23 U. Miami Bus. L. Rev. 1 (2014). The “innovation” of ancillary fees for carry-on baggage, seat selection, and in-flight amenities, to say nothing of the inefficiency of congestion and delays caused by an old aviation infrastructure, has impaired some of the most important promises of airline deregulation for airline […]






Legalizing Marijuana: The Grass is Greener on the Other Side



Meridyth Wasserman – What if the United States government had the opportunity to earn billions of dollars by simply changing a single law? That’s right, a single law. The United States has the potential to make an estimated $­­­­14 billion in revenue each year merely by legalizing marijuana. This economic windfall may become a reality very […]



Civilian Drones: Aircrafts, Model Planes, and Making Money Via Remote Control



Danielle Furneaux–On October 17th, 2011, commercial drone pilot Raphael Pirker raised a previously unimagined issue: whether an unmanned aircraft system, classified as a model aircraft, is regulated by FAA-manned aircraft guidelines where such flight is for commercial purposes. After being fined $10,000 for reckless flying by the Federal Aviation Administration, he took his novel case […]



What’s All The Buzz About Tax Inversions?



ABRAHAM GEAN — Considering all of the advantages that come with living and doing business in Florida, one might wonder why some corporations are looking to leave. The recent news of Burger King’s acquisition of the Canadian chain Tim Hortons comes with an interesting twist. After the deal is completed, Burger King plans to move […]



Why 2014 Has Been a Bad Year for the NCAA



JORDAN MACEJKA —The NCAA promotes “amateurism” as its foundation for student-athletes. “Amateurism” is a  “bedrock principle” that applies to student-athletes. Under this foundation, student-athletes are encouraged to put academics before sports. Essentially, they must be amateurs in the sense that they do not have contracts with professional teams, they do not receive compensation for playing […]



Apple iOS 8 and Data Encryption: Limiting Government Access to Electronic Data



MACKENZIE RUROEDE–Personal electronic data kept on cell phones and stored in the ever-elusive “cloud” is subject to privacy breaches by both citizen hackers and law enforcement. For over forty years, the government has requested that companies comply with police requests to obtain costumer information conveyed through phones, circumventing the customer’s consent. These privacy threats have given […]



Student Spotlight



Raymond Nicholas is currently externing at the in-house department of VPX Pharmaceuticals. He is currently working on a $20 million dollar class action titled Kahru v. Vital Pharmaceuticals, as well as a case called Vital Pharmaceuticals v. Prosupps Inc. He drafts motions and memos, conduct research, and assist the general and associate counsel on all […]



The Price of Education: The Relative Dischargeability of Debts under Bankruptcy Law



KELSEY PAINE–“So you used the department store as an ATM machine?” the bankruptcy trustee asked looking up from his papers at the debtor sitting across the table for the first time. She looked confused, “No, I just returned things that I had bought using the store credit card and they gave me cash for it.” […]




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