Breaking Bad: An Examination of the NCAA’s Investigative Practices Over the Last Forty Years



By Ryan Appel, 22 U. Miami Bus. L. Rev. 83 (2014)–In response to the increasing number of infractions cases that have surfaced over the past several years and heightened scrutiny from the general public and media, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (“NCAA”) proposed changes to its enforcement model, which were developed in a working group led by the President of […]






Apple iOS 8 and Data Encryption: Limiting Government Access to Electronic Data



MACKENZIE RUROEDE–Personal electronic data kept on cell phones and stored in the ever-elusive “cloud” is subject to privacy breaches by both citizen hackers and law enforcement. For over forty years, the government has requested that companies comply with police requests to obtain costumer information conveyed through phones, circumventing the customer’s consent. These privacy threats have given […]



Student Spotlight



Raymond Nicholas is currently externing at the in-house department of VPX Pharmaceuticals. He is currently working on a $20 million dollar class action titled Kahru v. Vital Pharmaceuticals, as well as a case called Vital Pharmaceuticals v. Prosupps Inc. He drafts motions and memos, conduct research, and assist the general and associate counsel on all […]



The Price of Education: The Relative Dischargeability of Debts under Bankruptcy Law



KELSEY PAINE–“So you used the department store as an ATM machine?” the bankruptcy trustee asked looking up from his papers at the debtor sitting across the table for the first time. She looked confused, “No, I just returned things that I had bought using the store credit card and they gave me cash for it.” […]



Fantasy Football: Should the Penalty Flag be Thrown on Weekly Leagues?



DEMI HALOMOUKOS - In recent years, Fantasy Football has exploded from teams amongst friends for small payouts to nationwide leagues with the opportunity to become a millionaire.  With a simple google search, you can find countless websites eager to take your money in exchange for a chance to finally prove you are the next Don Shula.  […]



Florida: The New “Wild West”



TODD GREEN – Florida’s residential population and business’ incorporation is growing. It’s comparable to the old wild west- growth as far as the eye can see and the freedom to make dreams into reality. It does not have the same types of ceilings that stifle growth like the presence of prominent and dominating business people. […]



The Freelance Attorney



BROOKE FLANDERS – While more and more law school graduates are entering the job market, more and more firms are trimming their associate positions. According to a report by the National Association for Law Placement, the overall employment rate for law school graduates fell for the six year in a row, to 84.5%. Though it may not […]



Prison Quotas Stall Policy Advancement



STEVEN VITALE – For more than a decade, the United States has had the highest incarceration rate of any country in the world. In order to provide some perspective, the natural incarceration rate in comparable countries is 100 prisoners per 100,000 people in the population; the United States has an incarceration rate of 500 prisoners per […]




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