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Applying Federal Securities Laws to the ICO Frontier

Bridgett Bauer – Beginning in 2017, cryptocurrency experienced an unfathomable boom, paving the way for unconventional methods of funding. Initial Coin Offerings (“ICOs”) have quickly dominated the emerging market for virtual assets, while also coming under extreme scrutiny. Sharing features of initial public offerings (“IPOs”) and crowdfunding campaigns, ICOs provide an unregulated mechanism for funding start-up […]

Lamps Plus Inc. v. Frank Varela, Defining Limits of the Federal Arbitration Act

Stephanie Marmol – In the corporate sphere, as the preference to enter into arbitration agreements increases, since arbitration is more time and cost effective than litigation, so does the need for the Supreme Court to give guidance on the standards that will assist in the interpretation and application of the Federal Arbitration Act (“FAA”).  One of […]