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The Loophole Allowing Corporations to Finance Gubernatorial Elections

Tyler Rauh – In most states, corporations are prohibited from or limited in direct donations to gubernatorial candidates. These rules, however, have created loopholes where an interested third-party acts as a strawman to channel contributions to a desired candidate. In recent years, various corporations have funneled money through the Democratic Governors Association (DGA) or the […]

Artificial Intelligence in the Legal Field: Will AI Replace the Future Lawyer?

Jordan M. Zim – Lawyers and law students alike know the importance of understanding a client’s needs, as well as their goals in any legal situation. In a time where artificial intelligence (“AI”) is becoming increasingly popular in almost every employment field, it is not surprising that the concept of AI has now entered the […]

New Law Affecting Insurance Industry & Ridesharing Companies

Yasbel Perez – Ridesharing companies, like Uber and Lyft, also known as Transportation Network Companies (“TNC”), have taken over the transportation industry, going from zero to a billion-dollar industry in just four years.  Due to such exponential growth, legislation has been playing catch-up in an attempt to regulate this industry.  As a result, on July […]