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TikTok Ban Could Lead to a Supreme Court Clash: Determining the Next Frontier in First Amendment Jurisprudence

Harrison Platt – TikTok is currently a wholly owned subsidiary of the Chinese technology firm ByteDance Ltd. Like other social media outlets, including Facebook and Instagram, TikTok collects information on how users consume its content. The platform collects data on users’ device-type, location and IP address, search history, and messaging content within the app. The […]

Supreme(ly) Smelly: Poop-themed Dog Toy Will Test Free Speech Protections in Trademark Infringement Cases

Tristan Clapham – A poop-themed dog toy resembling a Jack Daniel’s bottle will test the limits of parody and First Amendment protections in trademark infringement cases. The Supreme Court is set to decide Jack Daniels Properties v. VIP Products during this term, where the famed whiskey distiller aims to enjoin a dog toy manufacturer from […]

TikTok: Legal Implications and Risks for Businesses

Jacob Lenchner – TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the world, with over 2 billion active users globally. However, the platform’s popularity brings a range of legal implications and risks for businesses. It is critical for businesses that market and promote their offerings on TikTok remain cognizant of these legal issues […]