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United Airlines: The Complexities of Corporate Policy

Cameron Scullen – It is a necessity for corporations to have company policies. These policies keep the employees in line, allowing the company to properly achieve economic efficiencies while ensuring its cooperation with applicable law. However, sometimes the adherence to company policies can lead to an ethical confrontation. On Sunday, April 9, 2017, Dr. David Dao […]

Equitable Mootness: Unjustly Preventing Appeals of Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Plans

Eli Gordon – While bankruptcy can take many forms, Chapter 11 bankruptcy is the most well-known. Chapter 11 of the United States Code allows insolvent companies to start fresh and reenter the marketplace as a reorganized entity. Proceedings under Chapter 11 adjudicate the rights of numerous parties at once. This collective proceeding entails intense negotiations and […]

Publix Super Markets: Beloved Grocer, Commercial Real Estate Powerhouse

Gary McPherson – Floridians and other natives of the Southeastern United States are familiar with Publix, its famous “Pub Subs,” and its commitment to “making shopping a pleasure.” However, what people do not know is that Publix has quickly become a major force in the commercial real estate industry. Starting in 2008, while the country and […]