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Protecting your Intellectual Property while Crowdfunding

ALEXIS KANAREK – “Countless success stories are evidence that Kickstarter offers a quick and easy way to turn ideas into reality. But it seems with every sweet success story that comes out of Kickstarter there is a sour failure lurking around the corner.” Crowdfunding platforms, like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, provide innovators with the funds and […]

Enormous Cost of Regulating Electric Utility Engines

RANON ALTMAN–The Supreme Court is poised to rule on the issue of whether the Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) improperly refused to consider costs in determining whether to regulate hazardous air pollutants (“HAP”) emitted by electric utility engines.  Electric utility engines are “fossil fuel fired combustion unit[s]” that produce electricity. If the EPA decides to regulate […]

Volume 24 Executive Board Elected

Congratulations to the members of the Volume 24 Executive Board: Editor in Chief Danielle Furneaux Executive Editor Jocelyn Ezratty Executive Editor Mackenzie Ruroede Senior Articles Editor David Newfield Senior Notes and Comments Editor Brooke Flanders Senior Notes and Comments Editor Kelsey Paine Senior Writing Editor Demi Halmoukos Managing Editor Joseph Feldman Symposium and Events Editor Todd Green Alumni Editor […]

UMBLR Selects Candidates for Publication

The UMBLR Executive Board for Volume 23 has selected for the following candidates for publication in Volume 24. Please join us in congratulating: Ranon Altman, Extraterritorial Application of The Alien Tort Statute After Kiobel Claire Arritola, Follow The Money: A Discussion Of The Organisation For Economic Co-Operation And Development’s Base Erosion And Profit Shifting Project: Has The […]