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Tesla’s Governance Challenges: Navigating the Complex Intersection of Relationships and Fiduciary Duties

Amelia White – On January 30, 2024, a Delaware judge struck down Elon Musk’s compensation package of $56 billion, criticizing the close relationships between Tesla’s board of directors and Musk’s influence over them. Boards must be largely independent to be publicly traded on Nasdaq. Nasdaq defines an independent director as someone “who is not an […]

Hit or Miss: How the New CBA Played Out During the 2024 NBA All-Star Weekend

Aisha Jehaludi – NBA All-Star Weekend ideally should be a fan favorite. It’s a weekend filled with the league’s best players showcasing their talent, skills, and iconic slam dunks. However, in recent years, the all-star game has faced immense criticism not only from fans, but also from NBA coaches over a lack of competitiveness. Michael […]

USDA Declares Lab-Grown Meat Safe for Human Consumption. Will You Eat It?

Ygnacio Garcia-Saladrigas – In 2023, the USDA granted permission to two businesses, Upside Foods and Good Meat, to produce and sell chicken cultivated from a culture of animal cells. The decision makes the United States the second country after Singapore to allow the sale of lab-grown meat. Supporters of the new technology praise it for […]

When Betting on Oneself Goes Wrong: Contemplating the Arrest of NFL Player Kayshon Boutte

CJ Olson – On January 25, 2024, New England Patriots rookie wide receiver Kayshon Boutte was arrested for allegedly illegally gambling underage while a student-athlete at LSU years prior. Per reports, Boutte used an alias—Kayla Fortenberry—to place over 8,900 illegal bets, which included bets on games he played in. Not only that, Boutte bet on […]