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Landlocked Blues: Property Rights, Public Access, and the Outdoor Recreation Industry

Thomas Webb – Americans love the great outdoors. So much in fact, that the outdoor recreation economy currently accounts for about 1.9% of the United States’ GDP, or $454 billion annually. The outdoor recreation economy is even more important to certain states, where the percentage of total GDP is much higher (Wyoming (3.6%), Utah (2.7%), […]

Embracing the Inevitable: How AI is Shaping the Future of Law

Talia Svid—Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the way businesses operate, and the legal industry is no exception. The rapid growth of AI has been nothing short of phenomenal, with its computing power increasing exponentially since 2012. This vast growth raises the question of what our future will look like with AI at the forefront. Already, […]

“Sportswashing”: Saudi Arabia’s Attempt to Launder Reputation

Ahmed Qaisi – In an attempt to generate new sources of revenue, the Saudi Arabian government reaches its wealthy hand into the bag of professional sports. Specifically, the Saudis began this seismic push in October 2021. An investment group led by Saudi Arabia’s sovereign-backed fund completed a $500 billion purchase of Premier League football club, […]

The State of (Art)ificial Intelligence

David Hernandez – Artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere – in smartphones, cars, and even public places using facial recognition software. As companies rush to launch their own AI services, ChatGPT populates news cycles and laptops nationwide. But what exactly is AI? In short, it is the simulation of human intelligence by machines, and algorithms govern […]