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AI in Healthcare: 2024 Trends and Risks in an Almost Lawless Territory

Erika Sophia Grossbard – We all invest in ourselves in different ways, but the one fundamental human good our nation should invest in is healthcare. To achieve this, the healthcare industry must promote safe innovation in new technology and be legally permitted to do so. Despite the many technological advancements of AI into standard processes […]

Illinois’s Biometric Information Privacy Act and the Private Right of Action: A Recipe Possibly Coming to a State Near You

Greg Marcus – In 2008, Illinois’s Biometric Privacy Act (BIPA) became the first state law to regulate the collection and use of biometric data. The BIPA is often heralded as a “promising framework” for comprehensive biometric data privacy law, and thanks to two rulings in February 2023 it has become even more protective. In Tims […]

The Dark Side of Litigation Finance: How Investors Can Influence and Control the Outcome of Litigation

Tyler Lowman – Litigation finance, a practice once only available in a few countries, has now become a standardized practice in the U.S. and is shaping up to be a game-changer for the legal industry. According to Bloomberg Law, litigation finance has grown to a 13.5-billion-dollar industry. Despite its rapid growth, this practice remains unfamiliar […]

AI in the Spotlight: Breaking Down President Biden’s Executive Order

Macarena Bazan – In the midst of a notable surge in AI development, President Biden enacted an Executive Order purporting to fortify safety, security, and trust in the development and use of artificial intelligence. Relying upon the Defense Production Act of 1950, President Biden has created a national security-centered approach to AI regulation. While this […]