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Breaking Up is Hard to Do: Developments in Partitioning Real and Personal Property in Marital, Business, and Personal Relationships in Florida Jurisprudence

Harry M. Hipler – This article focuses on partition of real and personal property in Florida in the 21st century. It discusses questions and issues about partitioning real and personal property, so that private lawyers who practice in a variety of areas can familiarize themselves with how partition proceedings work. Partition of real and personal […]

Emerging Challenges in Asset Protection Planning

Inga Ivson – Asset protection planning has gained in popularity and acceptance among estate planners over the past two decades, and is now a headline topic at national legal conferences and a featured subject in law school curricula. While the self-settled spendthrift trust was once considered the domain of a handful of offshore jurisdictions, sixteen […]

Pari Passu as a Weapon and the Changes to Sovereign Debt Boilerplate after Argentina v. NML

David Newfield – The pari passu clause is found in nearly every sovereign debt contract issued throughout the globe. In the private context, this clause is well understood to ensure fair distributions to all creditors in the event of bankruptcy and liquidation. As insolvency distributions are not an option when dealing with distressed sovereign debt, the […]