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ADA & Website Accessibility

Sofia Manzo – When the Americans with Disabilities Act was first enacted in the 1990s, Congress failed to anticipate the role that the internet would play in people’s lives. While the ADA prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability in places of public accommodations such as restaurants, retail stores, and theaters, no such allowance was […]

Vaccine Passports: Saving Travel or Saved by Travel?

Alfredo Dally – Can you imagine a world where you have to show your boarding ticket, passport, and a COVID-19 vaccine record in order to travel abroad? Well, as the world begins to reopen to the idea of travel, many are working on systems to address the ongoing COVD-19 pandemic. One proposed new measure is […]

Section 230 Language Should Not Be Included in International Trade Agreements

Kassandra Cabrera – Section 230, the law that created the internet, has been the subject of intense bipartisan debate over the last few months. Despite disagreement over the law’s application, similar language has been placed in the U.S.’s international trade agreements between Mexico, Canada, and Japan. Why would a law at the center of constant […]

Rethinking Article III Standing in Class Action Consumer Protection Cases Following Spokeo v. Robins

Joshua Scott Olin – The Supreme Court recently handed down the landmark decision of Spokeo, Inc. v. Robins, holding that a “bare procedural violation” of a federal consumer protection statute—namely, the Fair Credit Reporting Act—was not enough to satisfy Article III standing because the injury alleged was particularized but not concrete. AfterSpokeo, those wishing to bring suit […]