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Golden Ticket: How NFTs Can Help Artists Profit From Ticket Resales

Nicolas Torres – N.F.T. Three letters that, until this Spring, would have been met with confused silence in all but the most tech-savvy circles. Over the last four months, a surge in investor interest has brought non-fungible tokens (NFTs) into the limelight. NFTs entitle the holder of a token to ownership of a digital asset […]

After Running Aground in March, the Extension of the CDC’s “No-Sail” Order Through October 31st and Litigation Continue to Prolong the Cruise Industry’s Return Afloat

Matthew Mignella- Widespread outbreaks of viruses on cruise ships are not a new phenomenon, nor are they a surprising one. Cruise ships pose a unique combination of health concerns because people are brought together from different geographic locations in crowded and semi-enclosed environments. Furthermore, port visits and excursions can expose travelers to illness and facilitate […]