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Coronavirus Outbreak: How will Supply Chains and the U.S.-China Trade Agreement Hold up?

Alexa Browning – Right now, the coronavirus outbreak is instilling panic and chaos throughout not only Wuhan, China, where the virus originated, but across the entire globe. The World Health Organization has called it a global public health emergency. Coronavirus is similar to a respiratory illness in that it causes symptoms of runny nose, fever, […]

Transshipments and the Ongoing U.S.-China Trade War

Giancarlo Cueto – 2019 has seen the renewed weaponization of trade tariffs, making it prohibitively difficult for foreign manufacturers, particularly those from China, to undercut U.S. markets. Not only have these tariffs focused on U.S. consumers, but they serve as a bargaining chip to further our international policy ambitions when dealing with leaders abroad. As […]